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PHYNYX band members PHYNYX band members

Phynyx was formed in the late 80’s. The band toured all over India playing the college circuit and various rock contests held in India. The band first stepped out for the North East beat Contest held at Shillong, Meghalaya. Then, proceeded to IIT Bombay (currently Mumbai) where they rocked the Mood Indigo festival and won the best band award including the best drummer award.
Len Gangte took over the reins of the band’s front-man after Sando (former vocalist) quit the band for good, in 1991. Since then, the band made continuous appearances at various national competitions including participation at BITS Pilani contest viz; best lead guitarist award, best drummer, best vocalist, best band and best showmanship. The band's showmanship, dazzling stage presence and slick guitar covers were the talk of the college goers and rock lovers all over the nation. They were invited to festivals of most colleges in Delhi which included institutions like, St. Stephens, Venky's, Bhagat Singh, LSR and various other places including IIT, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, to name a few.
Subsequently, bassist Nutan, spilt with the band and Ringo Golmei replaced him as the new bassist and a new band member Gouhao, keyboardist cum guitar player, joined the band. The following year in 1994, another band with the same name Phoenix was reformed headed by Nutan (former band mate) along with other musicians, which necessitated rechristening/renaming the original band line-up of Phoenix to Phynyx, so as to avoid any further confusion. With the rechristened name Phynyx, we recorded our originals viz; Woman, Pay Day, Need your lovin’, Devil in the Dark, Quit this genocide, Rest in peace, Gonna Rock you, etc.
One of the best moments of our band “Phynyx”, was when we were selected to play at the "Great Indian Rock Festival" Calcutta (currently Kolkatta) and our original "Woman" was featured in the RSJ's Great Indian Rock Vol II. It also happened to be the best rated song of that GIR album. We are grateful to our friends and fans alike for making it so! Subsequently, Phynyx toured the entire North-east region and most of the major cities of India till the end of 1998.
In the year 1999, Phynyx’s members took a mandatory vacation from professional music scene in pursuit of individual careers to fulfil other respective responsibilities as it was hard to make a decent living from music scenario in India, particularly Manipur.
However, the best part of the entire episode is that the band has reunited in the month of May 2012, after such an extended hibernation from professional music for almost one and a half decade, although involvement on an individual basis continued. Hence, the spirit of music has been retained and enlightens in our heart and soul. The tsruth is, every member in our own way never stopped from practicing or playing music during this supposed comprehensive vacation. Each of us has successfully achieved our individual works/projects in the field of music as well as personal careers. As a result, we’ve still got that extra energy and additional intense power to rock another phase, on a full time basis.
Watch out guys! Our maiden re-union gig is scheduled on 21st October, 2012 at YAC Ground, Yaiskul, Imphal. Come taste the new project of “PHYNYX” with the original line-up, Len Gangte on Vocals, Vivek Sharma on Guitars, Ringo on the Bass, Gouhao on Guitars, Khup on keyboards and Bobby Nameirakpam on Drums.

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