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Manipur`s only magazine on entrepreneurship and innovation releasing soon!

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Cover Page of Yenning Cover Page of Yenning

Many fear that the best minds in our society would shrivel away in mediocrity and the youth of our state regard innovation and hard work as troublesome tasks and has apathy towards social advances. Yenning Magazine hopes to be the silver lining in such a scenario. It is a quarterly magazine with its inaugural issue releasing on 17th February 2013.
Yenning magazine is the result of a collective, conscious endeavour towards building a platform for entrepreneurship in Manipur. It is a platform to promote and share stories of headstrong innovators, successful and strugglers both, of their sacrifices and trophies won, in the hope that such brave- hearts are born each day.
The team behind the Yenning Magazine is as illustrious as the philosophy it subscribes to. Talking to GoManipur , editor-in-chief of Yenning Magazine , Lenin Thingujam said ,“ We are a loosely bound yet tightly knit group of professionals and academicians doing pro bono work as a way of giving back to the society . We don’t have money to donate to charities but we do have the time and energy and a certain amount of expertise that we can offer.  We believe in pro bono activism. With Yenning, we offer a unique value proposition where we raise enough money for the printing charges and the copies will be distributed free of cost to the customers via appropriate channel partners.”
Elaborating on the distribution aspect, Laishram Gitla, associate editor, stated, “Yenning will have two avatars- online and the printed version. The objective is to effectively reach the maximum number of people. We will be tying up with newspapers and websites to achieve this.” The online version is scheduled to be released later this month.
The first issue features a cover story on M.Manihar Sharma who is a serial innovator. Heeraj Thokchom , associate editor, who wrote the cover story said, “ You can’t help but be touched and inspired by this story. It is about the man who came back from the very brink of death to inspire and benefit others with his innovations. The story is as much a human one as it is about his innovations.” Ghanashyam Mandingbam, sub editor, chips in, “We want to change the notion that a magazine of this sort has to be boring. Right from the content to the layout, we have spared no effort to engage the readers. Beauty is is that which is pleasing to the eye. That`s the one aspect that makes the layout of Yenning so appealing.”
Dayanidhi Huidrom, managing editor, signs off, “We are all very excited that it is finally releasing after working for a year and a half on it. All of you are cordially invited to the release function.” Yenning will be published by SAFI (Society for Agriculture, Food and Innovation), a non profit organisation based in Imphal.


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