India Weaved in Frames is a series of Photography contests, themed on every Indian state. For the State of Manipur Themed as Manipur, The last Date of Entry is 30th May 2014.
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About Immagine and INDIA weaved in FRAMES

Immagine is a group of photography enthusiasts, based in Trivandrum, Kerala. The group was started 2 years ago with the prime aim of encouraging budding talents in photography, and now we are a registered Non-Profit Organization (Reg. No.  TVM/TC/857/2013). We conduct online photography competitions, workshops, and exhibitions. Our workshops and exhibitions have been featured in a few of the frontline news-papers and online news-portals.
INDIA weaved in FRAMES is our latest venture, which is a first-ever thing to happen in the field of photography. It is a series of photography contests to be held in sequence, with every state in India as the theme. Further, we are also planning to organize an exhibition series of Top Trios (top 3 images) selected from every contest. It is a great  opportunity for the beginners as well as the professionals, to showcase their talent and to have their photos exhibited.

Note: The above information has been compiled by Team GoManipur from the content submitted by IMMAGINE( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) through email , to get more information about the Story contact IMMAGINE