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Sunday, 15 September 2013 09:27

Celebration of World Tourism Day 2013

Manipur Tourism Forum will be celebrating Tourism Day on 27th Sep 2013. As a part of the celebration MTF will be organizing competition and certain activities at the Loktak Lake surrounding Area
1. Photography Competition
2. Local Boat Racing
3. Water Adventure Activities

1. Photography Competition:
In connection with the celebration of world Tourism day "Tourism & Water: Protecting our common Future", Manipur Tourism Forum is holding a photography competition with the Theme of world tourism day 2013 "Tourism & Water: Protecting our common Future"

The Category for the photography completion is ""Tourism & Water: Protecting our common Future"" Photographs that reflect the beauty of Manipur in releation with water will be considered for the awards.

Submission Process for the competition:
• Submit your Entry through Email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
• A Morph/copy of Photo with size [pixel: 1200*800 or more]
• A copy of the photo in its original format [as take through the camera] with the following details
oPhone No:
oContact Email:
oShort Description of the Photograph
oBrief Profile of Photographer:
• 1 : Participant will only submit one Photo
• 2 : Photo must has not been published in any form of Media
• 3 : Photo must related with Manipur only
• 4 : Participant must submit raw photo not less a pixel of 1200 * 800
• 5 : Photo must not be manipulated with any software in any form/process, only resizing of the Photo is allowed
Last Date of submission: 25th Sep 2013
Expert panel will be the Judge for the competition; the result will be announced in Local Newspaper.
Copyright Policy of the Photo: A participant agrees that the photo submitted for the competition can be utilised by The Manipur tourism forum for promotion activity of Manipur tourism Forum. The participant agrees that Manipur tourism forum have the Right to use the Photo or reproduce the photo in any form of media for its promotional activity.

2. Local Boat Racing : For Loacl Boat raching competition Please contact the Office of Bishupur District Caoneing and Kayaking Association. The last date for entry is 25th Sep 2013

Dr Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei clinched the Mr World title in the Mr World, 2013 contest held under the aegis of INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding...
Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei of Manipur is a Ph.D., a Professor of English , a Senior Mr. Asia Title holder, a world class bodybuilder (6 times Mr. Universe Competitor), a winner of Taiwan National Body Building Championship - 2013, And Now a Champion or Mr. world, 2013 ,Greece.

More about Dr Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei on FACEBOOK

Devendro Laishram - they say the "nimble-footed Devendro" was at his menacing best against L V Bin from China. The 21-year-old dominated the bout from the very beginning and won comfortably. The World Championship quarterfinalist will now look better the colour of his first medal when he takes on Temertas Zhussupov of Kazakhstan.

More Story about Asian Boxing Championship

Saturday, 15 September 2012 08:53

Brief history of PHYNYX

Phynyx was formed in the late 80’s. The band toured all over India playing the college circuit and various rock contests held in India. The band first stepped out for the North East beat Contest held at Shillong, Meghalaya. Then, proceeded to IIT Bombay (currently Mumbai) where they rocked the Mood Indigo festival and won the best band award including the best drummer award.
Len Gangte took over the reins of the band’s front-man after Sando (former vocalist) quit the band for good, in 1991. Since then, the band made continuous appearances at various national competitions including participation at BITS Pilani contest viz; best lead guitarist award, best drummer, best vocalist, best band and best showmanship. The band's showmanship, dazzling stage presence and slick guitar covers were the talk of the college goers and rock lovers all over the nation. They were invited to festivals of most colleges in Delhi which included institutions like, St. Stephens, Venky's, Bhagat Singh, LSR and various other places including IIT, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, to name a few.
Subsequently, bassist Nutan, spilt with the band and Ringo Golmei replaced him as the new bassist and a new band member Gouhao, keyboardist cum guitar player, joined the band. The following year in 1994, another band with the same name Phoenix was reformed headed by Nutan (former band mate) along with other musicians, which necessitated rechristening/renaming the original band line-up of Phoenix to Phynyx, so as to avoid any further confusion. With the rechristened name Phynyx, we recorded our originals viz; Woman, Pay Day, Need your lovin’, Devil in the Dark, Quit this genocide, Rest in peace, Gonna Rock you, etc.
One of the best moments of our band “Phynyx”, was when we were selected to play at the "Great Indian Rock Festival" Calcutta (currently Kolkatta) and our original "Woman" was featured in the RSJ's Great Indian Rock Vol II. It also happened to be the best rated song of that GIR album. We are grateful to our friends and fans alike for making it so! Subsequently, Phynyx toured the entire North-east region and most of the major cities of India till the end of 1998.
In the year 1999, Phynyx’s members took a mandatory vacation from professional music scene in pursuit of individual careers to fulfil other respective responsibilities as it was hard to make a decent living from music scenario in India, particularly Manipur.
However, the best part of the entire episode is that the band has reunited in the month of May 2012, after such an extended hibernation from professional music for almost one and a half decade, although involvement on an individual basis continued. Hence, the spirit of music has been retained and enlightens in our heart and soul. The tsruth is, every member in our own way never stopped from practicing or playing music during this supposed comprehensive vacation. Each of us has successfully achieved our individual works/projects in the field of music as well as personal careers. As a result, we’ve still got that extra energy and additional intense power to rock another phase, on a full time basis.
Watch out guys! Our maiden re-union gig is scheduled on 21st October, 2012 at YAC Ground, Yaiskul, Imphal. Come taste the new project of “PHYNYX” with the original line-up, Len Gangte on Vocals, Vivek Sharma on Guitars, Ringo on the Bass, Gouhao on Guitars, Khup on keyboards and Bobby Nameirakpam on Drums.

Friday, 14 September 2012 21:03


This song is remaking of the Album 'Sansarse'. A debut of Prem Sharma who also acts as Thouba, a business tycoon in the film.
It is the latest song from Manipuri Film Mikap Thokpa.


To someone who wishes to digest the contemporary Manipur society, the book ‘State, Society & Governance’ written by Seram Neken will certainly serve as an immense input. It portrays almost all issues ranging from dirty electioneering to unattended garbage in the city, from irrational homeland moorings to frequent economic blockades, from crippling corruption to injustice in distribution of amenities, from gun culture to diminishing indigenous population. The book covers issues facing women and children of the land, HIV and AIDS scenario, environmental pollution, challenges facing the media community and commercialization of education.

The rise of self-styled social workers in Manipur politics is the theme of the first essay of the book published by the Ashangba Communication and which was formally released at Imphal in March last. The author nicely dwells on the changing political culture of the state with the emergence of a wealthy class of young people who by hook or by crook enter electoral politics in the guise of social workers. The article identifies the weak public mindset that grooms such social workers through various media, not on the basis of their works, but on the basis of wealth and power.

Seram Neken, who is a freelance columnist in local English newspapers of Manipur, blames the moulding of separate homeland or district demands on ethnic grounds. Manipur is a composite nation with diverse peoples, traditions, cultures and topographies. The author advocates the tag ‘Our Homeland’ instead of ‘My Homeland’ in his second article. Exclusions of women, children, HIV affected population, marginalized ethnic groups and residents of remote hilly districts are generally done by our own people, not from outside but from within. The author expresses his wish to remain aloof from fragmentations and narrow mindset in society. In one of his articles, he writes frequent economic blockades which are a great challenge facing the Manipuris can well be turned into a good opportunity for self-development. The article ‘Turning Challenges into Opportunities’ propagates change of lifestyles for reducing dependence on outside products and promotion of domestic products.

‘Had Gandhiji been born in the land of Sharmila ?’ is one of the articles which compares the two protesters – Irom Chanu Sharmila and Anna Hazare, and their missions. It is an educative and interesting study of the decade-old protest of the iron lady. One of the articles lists out the historical and social relations between the month of August and Manipur state. The article ‘Terror Greets another August’ nicely explores events happening around the globe and their relations with patriotism.

‘State, Society & Governance’ contains fifty articles on varied themes and is divided into six categories – namely Society & Governance, Communication & Education, Environment, Women & Children, Health & Drugs, and Culture & Tradition. The book strongly advocates minimum use of plastic products, increase bicycle ride, tree plantation etc. for reducing the degradation of environment and climate change in Manipur. Shifting of government offices, educational institutions, Raj Bhavan etc. from the Khwairamband Bazar is suggested as the possible solution for reducing traffic congestion. The woes of street vendor women, burgeoning flesh trade in city and the courage of the orphans are discussed in detail in the ‘Women & Children’ section of the book. Most informative and interesting is the issue of heavy schoolbags on the back of small kids and the solutions thereof, which the book dwells on in its ‘women & children’ section. Parents’ role in grooming children is also digested well in the book.

The Health & Drugs section of the book beautifully identifies drug abuse menace prevailing in Manipur. The cheap and easily available abuse items such as Dendrite and Eraz-ex are also portrayed in its article entitled ‘Saving the Manipur Youth Brigade from Substance Abuse’. The book also documents the two decades of HIV epidemic and responses in Manipur. Roles of NGOs, Legislators, positive networks etc. in the response to the AIDS epidemic are also discussed with proper chronology.

In the culture & tradition section, Shumang Lila and Rashesori Pala are discussed as important cultural elements of Manipur. The author describes Shumang Lila as the best social medium which can very well counter the negative impacts of new media invasions on the youths of contemporary Manipur. He also puts suggestions for improvement and continuity of this traditional medium. Rashesori Pala, the first women choral group of royal family is described as the symbol of women’s unique role in Manipuri cultural aesthetics. It is written that ‘Sankirtan performance by women in rituals had not been allowed until the birth of Rashesori Pala in 1779’
The last article of the book traces the history of Keli Kao, the infamous bull in Khwairamband keithel and the branded eatery called Keli Chana. These are interesting historical elements of the city.

This book is indeed a useful resource for those who wish to study contemporary Manipur. In its preface, the author identifies the book as personal views he held at various points of time. In the FOREWORD of the book, Prof. Naorem Joykumar, Department of History, Manipur University expresses the opinion that this book will be a good attempt in the process of giving new idea and hope to the people of the state. Dr. Chinglen Maisnam, Department of Economics, Manipur University, in his introductory note, is hopeful that the book “State, Society & Governance” will be able to further the cause of alternative paradigm for development of Manipur state.

The creative construction of the narratives, the use of simple comprehensible language, precise and clear vocabularies, journalistic style involved etc. reveal some element of literary journalism in the writings of the author. The book easily and automatically carries a casual reader down to its 50th article with enthusiasm, eagerness and interests in no time. It is a creative piece, a mirror of contemporary Manipur and an appeal to native peoples. The book can also be read online from http://pothi.com/pothi/book/ebook-seram-neken-manipur-society.

Wednesday, 01 August 2012 00:00

Northeast Indian Team to summit Mt Everest

First North East India on top of the world (Mt. Everest) Expedition will be undertaken under the leadership of MMTA (Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association). The proposed mission is funded by North Eastern Council (NEC), Shillong- Government of India, Organized by Planning Department, Govt. of Manipur and to be implemented by MMTA, Manipur.
The First North East India on top of the World (Mt. Everest) Expedition is the first ever Mt. Everest expedition comprising of team members from North East India. The team members comprises resident of North East India. This mission is to be funded by NEC, Shillong under the abled guidance of Planning Department, Government of Manipur and executed under the leadership and command of Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA), Manipur.

This expedition will be scripted in the history of India as the first expedition of North East India to Mt. Everest under the leadership of Govt. of Manipur and MMTA.

The expedition will be flagged off from Imphal on 15th February 2013 and the second legged flag off from New Delhi on 20th March 2013. During the period between February 2013 and March 2013, the participants will undergo the final seasoning and team formation at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi.

The First North East India on top of the world (Mt. Everest) Expedition is likely to make the historic summit in between 13th to 21st May 2013.

Let not forsake or forget those who didn't win medal...: We are still proud of them..
Ngangbam Soniya Chanu was accorded a warm welcome with local peoples and officials of Manipur Weightlifting Association greeting her at the Tulihal Airport, Imphal.
She ranked 5 in international ranking failed to win a medal in the London Games by ending at the 7th position.:We are still proud of you...we wish the very best for the Future

Miss Priyanka Bawri from Meghalaya was crowned 3rd Miss India North-East, an annual event of Zest Events, on 30th June at Pragjyotsh ITA Cultural Complex, Guwahati. Followed by Miss Ananya Parashar from Assam who bagged 1st runner up and Miss Swati Jaiswal from Assam adjudged 2nd runner up.
There were total of 21 contastant from Northeast region. The First Round saw the contestants in Traditional Costumes by Designer Manimala Mahanta Ahmed. The second round was Casual Wear by Designer Anindita Hazarika. The third round was Formal Gowns by Designers Payal Ohsan Goswami & Tanya Rajkhowa. The Gowns for the TOP 10 contestants were designed by Garima Saikia Garg & the TOP 5 by Designer Joy Singh. The entire show was choreographed by Fashion Choreographer, Sandeep Cherian and the Sound Tracks were by DJ Pulse.
The Contest was judged by 7 renowned personalities: Actor Moloya Goswami, Fashion Designer Garima Saikia Garg, Fashion Designer Anu Marbiang, Fashion Designer Manimala Mahanta Ahmed, International Swimmer Mithoo Baruah Das, Enterpreneur P. K Sharma and Fashion Designer Mandahun Passah.

Apart from the 3 winners, Swati Jaiswal was adjudged Miss Perfect 10, Sarah—Miss Beautiful Smile, Laisharm Liran—Miss Catwalk, Pahi Sharma—Miss Talented, Priyanka Bawri—Miss Beautiful Skin, Renuka Techi Tara—Miss Personality, Chayanika Kakoty—Miss Captivating Eyes, Bitang—Miss Beautiful Hair, Ananya Parashar—Miss Photogenic and Rizuana Ahmed—Miss Congeniality

Friday, 14 September 2012 15:10

Magnificient Mary on India today women's cover

Mary Kom, the pride of Manipur, is the first women boxer from India to have won Five World, the first Indian women Boxer to ever win a Medal in Olympic was feated on the Cover of India Today Magazine

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