Imphal, May 19,2014 : "Battle of Torbung " , a fierce battle fought during 2nd World War was observed today at Tollen Village, Torbung, Churachnadpur District with 2 surviving 2nd World War veterans from Manipur - Kaikhai Kuki (92 years) of 1st Assam Regiment and Mr. Kaijakap Kuki (91 years) of 2nd Assam Regiment as Special Guests. The function was organised as a part of the three month long observation of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Imphal WW-II by the Manipur Tourism Forum and 2nd World War Imphal Campaign Foundation.

In the commemoration function Mr. Lienlal Khongsai, Village Chief Tollen Village and Arambam Angamba, co-convenor, organizing committee attended as chief guest and president, respectively.

Speakers at the function stressed on the significance of organizing the function.

During the reteat of the 17th Division towards the plains of Imphal along the Tiddim road the Japanese had managed to erect raodblock at certain locations. MS 34 at Torbung was one of them where fierce battle was fought to dominate the route. 48th Allied Infantry brigade was called in from the Sugunu area to counter the road block at this MS 34. Ultimately, the Allied Force succeeded in destroying the road block and proceeding towards Imphal plains.

The 2 suviving war vetarans also narrated about their personal accounts of the battles they took part in various places of Burma (Myanmar). Kaikhai mentioned that he was trained in Calcutta (Kolkata). And from Madras (Chennai) he was transported to Burma as the retreating Japanese were fighting with the Allieds.

Rajeshwor Yumnam, Secratary of the Organising Committee informed that the Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of Battle of Imphal was inaugurated on March 23, 2014 and would be concluded on June 28, 2014. The programmes to oraganised before the concluding functions are Observation at Red Hill (Maibam Lokpa Ching) on May 29, Battle of Motbung on June 7, Llift of Imphal Siege/Milstone 109 on June 22, Battle of Bishnupur on June 12 and Silchar Track on June 25.

- Organising Committee, 70th Anniversary Battle of Imphal (WWII)

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About Immagine and INDIA weaved in FRAMES

Immagine is a group of photography enthusiasts, based in Trivandrum, Kerala. The group was started 2 years ago with the prime aim of encouraging budding talents in photography, and now we are a registered Non-Profit Organization (Reg. No.  TVM/TC/857/2013). We conduct online photography competitions, workshops, and exhibitions. Our workshops and exhibitions have been featured in a few of the frontline news-papers and online news-portals.
INDIA weaved in FRAMES is our latest venture, which is a first-ever thing to happen in the field of photography. It is a series of photography contests to be held in sequence, with every state in India as the theme. Further, we are also planning to organize an exhibition series of Top Trios (top 3 images) selected from every contest. It is a great  opportunity for the beginners as well as the professionals, to showcase their talent and to have their photos exhibited.

Note: The above information has been compiled by Team GoManipur from the content submitted by IMMAGINE( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) through email , to get more information about the Story contact IMMAGINE

Manipur is observing the 70th anniversary of Battle of Imphal, one of the most historic battles of the Second World War (WW-II) fought in 1944. The inaugural ceremony of the 3-month commemoration of the Battle of Imphal was held on March 23, 2014 at Manipur Film Development Corporation (MFDC) Auditorium at Imphal. The anniversary programmes will continue till June 28. Various programmes will be held at the sites where Allied forces and Japanese soldiers fought fierce battles.

The inaugural ceremony, organized by Manipur Tourism Festival (MTF) and WW-II Imphal Campaign Foundation in association with the Government of Manipur, was graced by Chief Secretary P.C. Lawmkunga as Chief Guest, JapanÕs Ambassador to India His Excellency Takeshi Yagi, Additional Chief Secretary R.R. Rashmi, Principal Secretary (Tourism) Dr. Rajesh Kumar and Commissioner (Arts & Culture) R.K. Nimai as the Guests of Honour. President of Manipur Tourism Forum (MTF) Dr. Th. Dhabali presided the function.

Addressing the gathering, Japanese Ambassador Takeshi Yagi said the Battle of Imphal was the fiercest battle fought between the armies of Britain and Japan during the WW-II. As a result this small State is one of the historical places for both the countries. Although the Battle of Imphal took place 70 years back, the event remains un-forgettable to people of Japan, he added.

Takeshi Yagi further said organizing such an event will strengthen the relationship between the India and Japan. Relation between India and Japan has been improving after 70 years of the outbreak of the WW-II. Japan was reborn as a vibrant country after the WW-II. Ever since, Japan has been one of the most prosperous countries in Asia, which gave the people a peaceful and prosperous life, he added. He appealed the people of Manipur to protect and preserve the war memorials and peace pillars built in the State.

Chief Secretary Lamwkunga said Imphal was one of the most historic theatres of the WW-II which put Imphal in the tourism map of the world. He assured that from next year the events of the Battle of Imphal will be show-cased in the Sangai Festival, the annual tourism festival organized by the State Government. ÒWe will try to make the people of the State aware of the significance of this battle,Ó he added.

In his speech, President of MTF Dr. Th. Dhabali stated the purpose of commemorating the Battle of Imphal. He said the forum is organizing the anniversary at 14 different programs at 14 different historic war sites in Manipur in order to draw the attention of the masses and propagate the message of peace across the world. The historic Battle of Imphal was fought 2 months longer than the battle fought in Kohima from March to July in 1944. The battle involved around 2 lakh soldiers including pilots of both allied and Japanese forces. It was one of the historic battles of the WW-II, Mr. Dhabali said.

Commissioner Dr. R.K. Nimai said the Battle of Imphal was one of the ÒfiercestÓ battles of WW-II. The battle claimed numerous lives besides destroying many properties, but it changes the lives of people of this small State. The only and existing Tulihal Airport at Imphal and the 210 km Imphal-Moreh Highway were built during WW-II, he added.

Later, Takeshi Yagi visited some of the war memorials and battlefields in Manipur and expressed his appreciation to the government for maintaining them. He offered floral tributes to the Japanese soldiers killed during the Imphal campaign at the Japanese War Memorial at Maibamlotpa Ching.

In the Battle of Imphal, which was fought from March to July in 1944 between the British-led Allies and the Japanese and the Indian National Army (INA), over 2 lakh Japanese, Britons, Indians, Gurkhas and men from several other nations clashed in the hills and valleys of Manipur. Some of the important battles fought at Imphal were Battle of Sangshak, Battle of Kameng, Battle of Kanglatombi, Battle of Nungshigum, Battle of Tengnoupal, Battle of Torbung, Battle of Motbung, Battle of Bishenpur and the fighting on the Silchar Track.

On 20 April 2013 the combined battle of Imphal/Kohima was named as BritainÕs Greatest Battle by the National Army Museum of the United Kingdom. Peter Heehs in his History Today describes the significance of the Battle of Imphal thus: ÒImphal was one of the greatest Allied victories of the war, a turning point as significant in Asia as El Alamein and Stalingrad had been in Africa and Europe.Ó

It was at Imphal/Kohima that Allied forces halted the Japanese march across Asia. More than 30,000 Japanese soldiers died due to fighting or disease in the greatest defeat on land in JapanÕs history. The vast majority of casualties on both sides occurred during the Battle of Imphal.

The Battle of Imphal is also significant from a national perspective. Indian soldiers fought on both sides: together with the Japanese as part of Netaji Subhash Chandra BoseÕs INA and with the British as part of the British-Indian Army. The area surrounding the Moreh Road is the only place in India where more than 6,000 men of the INAÕs 1st Division was deployed and fought during the War. The INA flag was also hoisted for the first time in the country at Moirang on April 14, 1944. Today Moirang has the INA Memorial, which included a statue of Netaji Shubash Chandra Bose.

The Battle of Imphal in particular and the WW-II in general was also a momentous period for Manipur and its people. There was destruction and fighting on an unprecedented scale across Manipur. Thousands of people were displaced. For the first time Manipur witnessed the gathering of different nationalities and people from around the country and the world. Six airfields were constructed in the Imphal Valley during the war, which included Koirengai Airfield, Wangjing Airfield, Pallel Airfield, Sapam Airfield, Kangla Airfield, and Tulihal Airfield.

Manipur has 2 WW-II cemeteries - Imphal Indian Army War Cemetery at Hafiz Hatta and Imphal War Cemetery at Dewlaland. Imphal Indian Army War Cemetery at Hafiz Hatta is home to the graves of Muslim soldiers of the British Indian Army and a Cremation Memorial, which marks the cremation of Hindu and Sikh soldiers. Imphal War Cemetery at Dewlaland is home to the graves of Commonwealth soldiers, including Britons, Canadians, Australians, Burmese, Indians and East and West Africans.

Dated: 01/08/2013:Bishnupur District Body Building & Fitness Association will host a body building competition entittled, Mr. Bishnupur District, 2013 on the 30th of October, 2013 at Bishnupur. The contest will be conducted under 5(five) weight categories with the winners to be acknowledged with cash prizes, cartificates and momentos. Those individuals, players, clubs, association, etc. in Bishnupur district may contact the office of BDBBFA, Bishnupur at the earliest. Application forms and further information can be had from the association's office or call +91 9856210523.

Also it is further stated to all the members, executives and in-charges of BDBBFA that a general body meeting of the associatuon will be held on the 14th of Sept., 2013 (Sunday, 2:00 pm) at the office of the association. All the concern individuals are requested to attain the same.

Lukhendro Keisham,
Publicity Secretary,

This Press release was sent to gomanipur by Lukhendro Keisham - Publicity Secretary,BDBBFA, Bishnupur. He can be contacted through his email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Monday, 09 September 2013 10:01

The Victoria Cross Tour launched

Behind every award of a Victoria Cross is a remarkable story involving all those qualities that we British hold most dear: loyalty, duty, sacrifice, care for others, a great good humour and a deep humility” – The Prince of Wales in Lord Michael Ashcroft’s Victoria Cross Heroes

The Victoria Cross was created on January 29, 1856. It is the highest British military award for bravery in the face of the enemy. The Victoria Cross is awarded only in exceptional circumstances and that too ‘for most conspicuous bravery, or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice, or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy.’ A total of five Victoria Crosses were won in Manipur during the Battle of Imphal.

The Victoria Cross Tour takes you to the battlefields where the five Victoria Crosses were won. Hear about the men who displayed outstanding bravery in often extremely difficult conditions on the Tiddim Road, the Silchar-Bishenpur Track (Old Cachar Road or Tongjei Maril) and near the Nunghshigum massif just north of Imphal. Finally, visit the graves of two of the Victoria Cross recipients in Second World War cemeteries in Imphal.

The Battle of Imphal Says "We will hazard a guess and say that ours is the first tour on this theme in India, if not Asia. Presenting the Victoria Cross Tour: True Tales of Valour. Details and free brochure available on our website at If you know of a similar tour already in existence in the region then please let us know; we will happily retract our claim."

To know more about the tour Visit "Battle of Imphal"

Devendro Laishram - they say the "nimble-footed Devendro" was at his menacing best against L V Bin from China. The 21-year-old dominated the bout from the very beginning and won comfortably. The World Championship quarterfinalist will now look better the colour of his first medal when he takes on Temertas Zhussupov of Kazakhstan.

More Story about Asian Boxing Championship

DESAM launch mass rally to Make "Education Zone Free of of BANDH and BLOCKADE.... Thousands of student rallied across the valley...supporting the cause..

Photo Taken through Nokia Lumia 720

in Photo

Mount Everest was formed about 600 million years ago. The elevation of Mount Everest is 29, 035 feet (8848 meters). Mt. Everest is named after Sir George Everest in 1865, the British Surveyor- general of India.  Prior to naming the Mt. Everest, it was known as Peak 15. Mt. Everest has the distinction of bring the mountain with the highest altitude. The summit of Everest is the point at which the Earth's surface reaches the greatest distance above sea level.

Phot0 - Team Northeast India Submitting the Mount Everest

Sunday, 09 June 2013 00:00

The Tiddim Road Tour - Launched

"...the Battles of Imphal and Kohima were the turning point of one of the most gruelling campaigns of the Second World War" - National Army Museum, United Kingdom

Recently THE battle of Imphal and Kohima has been named the greatest Battle of WWII. As apart of the 70th Annivesary, The Battle of Imphal website by Eastern Trail has started Providing Tours related with Battle of Imphal......

The Tiddim Road Tour - White Tigers, Black Cats and a Springing Tiger is one of the tour.

The Tiddim Road was where the Japanese 33rd Division (the ‘White Tigers’) faced off with the 17th Indian Division (the ‘Black Cats’), the main British force in the area, during the Battle of Imphal. Just off it is Moirang, where men of the Indian National Army (INA) planted the Indian tricolour, which featured a springing tiger, for the first time on the mainland.

The Tiddim Road Tour gives you a chance to discover this intriguing story, and much more. Heading out of Imphal on the Tiddim Road, this guided tour takes in the only Japanese War Memorial in India; battlefields along the way, including the town of Ningthoukhong where two Victoria Crosses were awarded in June 1944; the only INA Memorial Complex in the world at Moirang; Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in northeast India; and, depending on your tour option, Keibul Lamjao National Park, the only floating national park in the world.

The Battle of Imphal makes for a truly gripping story. To tell it, we are in the process of designing tours in and around Imphal and across Manipur that take in sites related to this famous battle. Check for more details at BATTLE OF IMPHAL

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